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General OpenLaszlo Programming Questions and discussions about coding in OpenLaszlo. Please include the release of OpenLaszlo you are developing in.

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Old 05-06-2012, 08:51 AM
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Release date for 5.0: whenever the community is ready to jump in and help the few engineers left working on OpenLaszlo to do QA and testing, or add features to the platform like I'm doing with the SWF11 runtime (two weeks of my private unpaid time invested into OpenLaszlo, by the way). I believe that there will ever be a 5.0 release on the day 5.0 is released. I doubt that anyone at Laszlo has a release plan with the number of bugs which need to be fixed at the moment.

Amy would know, since she has been managing OpenLaszlo until late 2011, but based on everything I know she isn't working for Laszlo any more. I've asked for a release date probably 10 times in the past 4 years, but it seems that most of the community member seem to think that Laszlo is still interested in OpenLaszlo at all. Sure, they want to use it for Webtop, but the management doesn't have any plan whatsoever for the platform.

Critical Path won't make a difference here, they just want to use the existing platform for Webtop. Ever wondered what Laszlo uses to build the mobile version of Webtop they announced in Barcelona? I'm sure it's not OpenLaszlo...

- Raju
Raju Bitter
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