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Wishlist Got any ideas for feature requests or new components? Other ideas that can make OpenLaszlo better? Let us know about them here!

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Old 04-27-2012, 06:54 AM
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If you look into the results of the survey so far, I'd say the following results are interesting:

1) Depending on what view of the community situation you have, you might be surprised by the low number of community members filling out the survey. If we assume that 20-25% of the community members only participate in such a survey, the community should have a size of 130-150 developers globally. If you think that number is too low, look at the number of forum and mailing list posts, low number of new applications in the showcase.

2) Only two countries with more than 2 responses
The U.S. and Germany are the only countries with more than 2 community members participating. U.S. has 11 developers, Germany 5 - but China only 2.

3) Most of us have been using OpenLaszlo for at least 6 years
60% have been using OpenLaszlo since 2006 and earlier.

4) Usage of Trunk (5.0) very high!
60% use the 4.9 version, but 45% use trunk (multiple selections possible). Probably due to the fact that there has not been a major release since December 2008, when 4.2 was released (the OpenLaszlo team saw 4.2 as a major version upgrade, since a new runtime has been added with it).

5) More people are using the DHTML runtime than there are people using the SWF10 runtime! That's a breakthrough for OpenLaszlo (we have to thank Max, he was the driving force behind the DHTML runtime)

6) Elegance of LZX and opens source - the main reasons for using OpenLaszlo
That's probably not a surprise, but LZX is THE highlight of OpenLaszlo.

7) Open Source involvment
50% of us have either contributed to an open source project or worked as committers. That's a very hight number!!

8) 80% of us use the forums, but only 33% use the laszlo-user mailing list
If only the forums would be more user friendly...

9) Almost 75% of the community members have never been in contact with anyone from Laszlo. Not surprising, since Laszlo has stopped any marketing of the platform since the end of 2007.

10) Community activity - community is almost dead?
43 % of us think The community is almost dead, there's very little activity in both forums and mailing lists. Still 21% think that the community is relatively active.

11) What's needed for OpenLaszlo: 89% say 5.0 needs to be released!
74% are looking for better DHTML runtime (size and performance), only 63% think new components are needed - with 68% wanting better support for mobile devices.

12) Future of OpenLaszlo
39% would like to see contribution of the project an open source foundation, 29% would like to see a project fork - and only 25% would prefer if Laszlo would continue to manage the project.

12) Would you choose OpenLaszlo for a new project?
29% said yes, 25% said no - and 46% were not sure.

Raju Bitter

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