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Old 03-28-2012, 09:43 AM
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If I am not mistaken, your XPath syntax is correct, but apparentlly OpenLaszlo does not interpret it correctly:


«Array(3)#54| [<lastName>Simpson</lastName>, <lastName>Simpson</lastName>, <lastName>Burns</lastName>]»
You could get an array of all of the last names and figure out which one's are matches using:

Which would return:

«Array(3)#55| ['Simpson', 'Simpson', 'Burns']»

or alternatively use attributes instead:

<canvas width="1000" height="584" debug="true">

<dataset name="myData">
<person show="simpsons" firstName='Homer' lastName='Simpson'>
<person show="simpsons" firstName='Marge' lastName='Simpson'>
<person show="simpsons" firstName='Montgomery' lastName='Burns'>


«Array(2)#0| [<person show="simpsons" firstName="Homer" lastName="Simpson"/>, <person show="simpsons" firstName="Marge" lastName="Simpson"/>]»

OpenLaszlo's implementation of XPath is incomplete, possibly that is why your original XPath query does not work.

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